The Three Types of Children’s Clothing

When shopping for children’s clothing there are a lot more factors that you need to consider. It is not comparable to shopping for yourself and other adults. You need to consider the inherent difference between daywear, nightwear and certain clothing for special occasions. Children often need entirely different clothing for different occasion and different parts of the day. Also, you don’t want clothing to be too fashionable or overly extravagant and you need to make sure it is comfortable while still being stylish. As if all that wasn’t enough, you always need to think about the growth patterns of children and how quickly that can outgrow the clothing that you are looking to purchase.

A great tip to keep in mind, when shopping for children’s clothing, is the general rule of three. All children do or are going to require three different types of clothing, no matter the occasion or stage in their early life. They will need daytime clothing, usually for active activities and mucking around, night time clothing, for sleeping, and special clothing for dining out or going to parties. Often times it is the sleepwear that is the most important especially for very young children. In the early stages of life, babies spend the majority of their time sleeping, thus their sleepwear should make up the majority of their wardrobe.

When it comes to children’s clothing for the daytime you need to do your best to find practical, comfortable and easy to find items. Children are active and they are going to get dirty, so you want to make sure that their daywear can be maintained and ensure that you invest in something that cannot be easily ruined. You should keep in mind that children should be keeping their expensive, special clothing in the closet, only to be worn at certain times. The best way to make children’s clothing last is to supply a parent with a lot of comfortable daywear that their child can truck around in and get mucky with all day. No sense is wasting a lot of money on a classy outfit that is just going to get ruined rolling around in the mud.

Now, while night time clothing and daywear are very important for a child when it comes to their wardrobe, everyone needs a few special outfits. There will always be those moments, whether you are going to an event or just out to dinner where a parent will want their child to look their best. Having a great special occasion outfit around the house can really be a blessing. Sure comfort and accessibility are a big factor when shopping for children, but you have to have a few of those outfits that will allow the child to stand out in the crowd.